Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Always think about the consequences!

I'm an elementary school teacher so by default I use the phrase "think about the consequences of your actions" or some version of it at least 2-3 times a week. Today, I was sitting in my classroom between classes and started thinking about consequences and what it means to me. I realized that it means...well...too much. Ever since I can remember, I've always ALWAYS considered the consequences of every single decision I've made. You might say: that sounds sensible and responsible. But here's the problem: because I'm always so attuned to what might be if I do such and such, I never every do anything spontaneous! Honestly, I don't care about that. So I'm not a spontaneous person. My husband knew that when he married me, and although he may not always like it, he knows that that's who I am. I am a planned person. So the spontaneity thing is not the issue. The problem is that this total immersion that I have in considering every aspect of what might happen over every decision I make, has stopped me very often from doing things that I think I really wanted to do. I'm not talking about major life choices, just simple day to day things that I don't allow myself since it might...something. It might make someone angry. It might end up costing too much. It might take too long. It might...whatever. And the point is that sometimes I just want to say "WHO CARES what might or might not happpen - just go for it!" but i never do... Sometimes when I bring up these things with my husband, he'll say to me:"just do it" (it being whatever is on my mind) but then after all that pondering, it kinda sucks the juice out of anything that I really wanted to do. Here's the thing that worries me the most: I can live with myself being like this to myself, but I really really don't want to pass this on to my son (and soon to be daughter..) I want my kids to be so confident in themselves that they can be comfortable with every decision they make. I don't want them to have this kind of fear that I always have about what my choice will mean. At the same time, I do want them to learn responsibility and that our choices do...well.. have consequences. Okay I'm rambling on and on just to ask one big question: How can you find the fine line between just right and too much or too little? and the answer is: I have no idea! any thoughts....???


  1. I'm a planner like you...and very aware of the outcome of my decisions as well...I really think if your kids follow in your footsteps, it will come naturally to them...Just part of their personality like it is ours :)

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