Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It can't possibly be my fault

Let me start off by saying that I do realize that I am married to a particularly special man. He is one of those dream husbands that do almost everything around the house and don't complain about it. He does the grocery shopping, some cooking, and is the one who mostly gets up to our son at night (I should mention that our gorgeous boy is a terrible sleeper so I mean every night!) he loves me, would do anything for me and is really my better half.
Ok, here it comes... The big BUT...
Sometimes he isn't so perfect and if I get upset about something, the response is usually: "why are you yelling at me?" To which I answer: "I am not yelling, I'm only being expressive with my feelings and I'm allowed to do that if I want to!"
He doesn't always get it and blames it on something hormonal, which makes me even more upset. I just KNOW that it's his fault and he just KNOwS that it's my fault. And then at the end of the day, whatever it was usually just blows over and we dont even talk about it anymore and when we go to bed, we'll always say "I love you", no matter what...
So maybe it really is nobody's fault but then again what's the fun in arguing if you can't ever win?!


  1. Hi Mina Bar

    Thanks for your comments on my blog (My Idealife) just read this post and had a spooky deju vu experience as have started a blog on my husband and I swear we could be married to the same man. Probably won't post it for another week or two but if you follow me you may see when it pops up. Love to hear your thoughts then as I know you will relate. Am following. Nicole

  2. I could have writen this too myself. i have the best husband, he drives me crazy but at the end of the day he always says "sweet dreams, i love you"

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  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose husband drives them crazy :)


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  6. My husband was just asking me when I was going to blog about him and all the wonderful things he does....in the back of my mind...my blog about him would be similar to this...the ways he drives me nuts...like the fact that there could be a literal elephant in the room, and he wouldn' t even notice! But just like you we always say I love you at the end of the day!